Alex LeFevre

Vocal Coaching:


As a vocal coach, I utilize my unqiue training in both Music (Eastman School of Music) and Musical Theatre (NYU: Tisch School of the Arts) to bring out the best in every actor/singer. Whether you are preparing for an audition, working on existing repetoire, finding new repetoire, or simply honing your craft, I am more than happy to help you reach your artistic goals. My students have booked jobs on Broadway, Off-Broadway, National Tours, and numerous regional productions.
Piano Lessons:
Piano Lessons. For many of us the words conjure up images of a stern faced instructor loudly rapping a ruler on the side of the piano, long tedious technique exercises with little to no artistic value, and constant chiding to spend more time practicing pieces that are “good for you”. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way!
When asked by students how I came to be the pianist I am today, my first response is always the same: I love to play. Piano lessons should exist to encourage and assist with the student’s love of music. As a piano teacher, it is my goal to have a student practice not out of mere obligation, but because they are excited to play.
All of my piano lessons are tailored to meet the individual depending on the student’s musical interests and goals. Although I utilize separate techniques for teaching Classical and Broadway/Pop/Rock, they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, understanding the chords necessary for Broadway work enhances your theory knowledge necessary for classical work, and cultivating good technique necessary for classical work enhances your playing for Broadway/Pop/Rock. Having a good variety of repertoire in a lesson makes it more fun for the student and ultimately more productive.
Despite the fact that I primarily perform in the realm of musical theater, to me there still is nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning and playing through a book of Chopin Etudes. As a student, I studied classical technique from the age of 5 all the way through my attendance at the Eastman School of Music. My biggest complaint with many classical teachers is that they focus solely on technique and completely ignore artistic expression. While I whole-heartedly encourage technique work through scales and advanced finger exercises, without the passion behind it, it is uninteresting, mechanical playing. As a teacher, I strive to pick repertoire that encourages my students to play from their hearts and therefore bring new life to the music they play. Whether you just want to learn how to play Fur Elise or have the dream to one day be a concert pianist, my approach to classical training has something to offer you.
It is one of my greatest joys to bring my love of Broadway and Popular music to my piano lessons. So many times there are students I meet who just want to be able to play and sing the songs they love from the radio and from the stage. I think this is a great thing and something that can be easily accomplished. However, many piano teachers turn these students down or encourage them to play music they are not interested in just because they are only able to teach one way. I am not that teacher. By teaching basic chord changes, I can have a student playing through a song after their first lesson. With continued study, I teach how to play melody in addition to basic chords, more complex chords and their changes, and note reading. My Broadway/Pop/Rock students love the music and therefore love their lessons.

Lessons and Coachings

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